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Silk Pro: A Revolutionary Leap in Laser Refractive Surgeries

Silk Pro stands at the forefront of laser refractive surgery, thanks to its incorporation of cutting-edge technology. This procedure marries the Elita Silk femtosecond laser system by Johnson & Johnson Vision with the Contoura Vision topography-guided correction, setting a new standard in flap creation and corneal reshaping. As the epitome of advanced laser vision correction, Silk Pro offers unparalleled visual outcomes, heightened safety measures, and the quickest recovery times.

Designed to correct vision in patients with myopia, with or without astigmatism, Silk Pro is especially beneficial for those grappling with significant corneal irregularities or higher-order aberrations (HOAs). Its comprehensive and refined technology suite makes it the go-to solution for substantial vision correction needs.

Why Choose Silk Pro for Laser Vision Correction?

Elita Silk Femtosecond Laser Advantages

Johnson & Johnson's Elita Silk Femtosecond Laser system is a game-changer, delivering low energy per pulse, combined with an ultra-fast laser repetition rate and a small spot size (1µm). This advanced technology ensures:

  • Swift Healing and Visual Recovery: The laser's small spot size enables a seamless resection process, obviating the need for manual surgical adjustments that could cause post-surgical swelling and inflammation.

  • Reduced Keratocyte Activation: This feature minimizes the body's immune response, paving the way for faster healing and visual recovery.

  • Lower Risk of Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis (DLK): The low-energy pulse lasers significantly reduce the chances of DLK, a form of post-surgical inflammation.

  • Enhanced Surgical Precision: Surgeons enjoy increased confidence and accuracy, benefiting from the system's user-friendly interface, modular design, and rapid startup time (under 5 minutes).


​Revolutionary Flap Advantages

The SILK Pro procedure excels in creating corneal flaps:

  • Unmatched Flap Strength: The multilayer side cut design of the corneal flap surpasses traditional flap-based procedures, offering superior safety comparable to flap-less procedures like Silk.

  • Flawless Flap Creation: The precision in flap creation eliminates post-surgical aberrations, ensuring a smooth stromal bed and effortless flap lifts.

  • Enhanced Flap Adhesion: The meticulously crafted corneal flap ensures rapid healing, with its adhesive quality further expediting the recovery process.


These benefits, corroborated by advanced scanners and detailed confocal microscopy analyses on numerous SILK Pro patients, solidify Silk Pro's position as the premier choice for those seeking the best in laser vision correction.

Opt for Silk Pro and embrace a vision of clarity and precision, where advanced technology meets exceptional results.

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